It started with a whisper

Littore Family Wines
Whispers 2009 Cabernet Merlot

Some days I just need to spend some time with my sister.  During the recent flooding disaster in and around Brisbane, I desperately felt I needed a little Sister Time after being isolated and without power in my suburb.  Fortunately, she and I live in the same city these days (although she was unaffected by the flood) and are roughly 30 minutes’ drive apart.  The route has at least a handful of bottle shops, so I thought it appropriate to pick up a bottle of something for our catch up.

A good looking label will always get my attention, and I was not only attracted to the simple beauty of the Whispers label, but considered it somewhat cheeky that the name was not-so-subtly referring to perhaps an activity I was about to partake in.  I will be honest though, the well-under-ten-dollar value of the bottle had me worried, but I was so drawn to the label I couldn’t resist.  Hell, when it comes to my wine I’ll give almost anything at least one go!  In this occasion, I was glad I did.

I could smell the heady aroma of mocha when the bottle was opened and allowed to breathe.  More subtle hints of berries followed as the deep crimson liquid was poured.  There was a sharpness to the first taste and a bark-like, woody finish.  Both of these were unexepcted.  But further tasting allowed this wine to prove itself.

According to the winemaker, the grapes that go into this blend are sourced from the prime grape growing regions across Australia, and this allows for the wine to be ‘good drinking now’.  While I have no idea about the grape story, I will agree that this is a good Cabernet Merlot for immediate drinking, but I’m also curious as to how such a wine would go stored for a further one to three years?

While we were happy to share this bottle with nothing but our conversation to enhance the flavour, I strongly think that the Whispers Cabernet Merlot would be a fantastic date for any backyard barbecue or beachside bonfire.  (Do they still allow bonfires?)

A few other facts that I discovered, which only add to my like of this wine, are that the crew behind the wine – the Littore family – appear to be ‘hands-on’ when it comes to their winemaking; overseeing the vineyards, the wienry, the cellar door and the export.  The husband and wife team who kick-started the business migrated from a small island off the north coast of Sicily.  They started ‘small’ with a patch of earth overlooking the Murray River near Mildura in Victoria called ‘Jindalee’, and once the business started to grow they expanded with it and purchased the ‘Idyll’ winery in the Moorabool Valley near Geelong.


(out of 5)


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