Ginger is good for you

Premium Alcoholic Ginger Beer

The festivities traditionally linked to giving thanks and celebrating the Birth of Jesus (or the return of that fat bloke in the red suit, whatever) are upon us once again. It is at this time of year where invitation-upon-invitation is added to the social calendar and – if you’re anything like me – you feel a little bit like a celebrity for a while. But, with so many celebrations it is important not to spread oneself too thin, and never has the phrase ‘going the distance’ been more apt.

With the weather having turned from spring delight (where everything is invigorated with a sense of ‘new life)’, to Satan’s kitchen (hotter than is humanly bearable), choosing the right beverage for each party occasion is crucial. I tend to give red wine a wide berth, even though there are some varieties that can be chilled and opt for lighter, more refreshing drops. But on my most recent social occasion (a friend’s birthday no less), the thought of drinking white wine or having to pop the top on a beer was just too much. Scanning the frosted glass doors of the local bottle shop for something appropriate, and it was here that my eyes settled on the green bottle of Stone’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

My Dad is a huge fan of Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer and as a child I could never quite get my head around how he could stomach the distinctly strong flavour. And then I discovered, ginger is good for you! If you’re a believer in Chinese medicine, then you’d know ginger (it’s a herb, but also commonly known as a spice) has been used to cure and prevent several health problems, including diabetes, headaches, colds, fatigue, nausea and the flu. There are few drinks that can proclaim such medicinal purposes and that was all the reason I needed.

“I’ll have a six-pack thanks.”

And as I consumed the first couple of bottles, I discovered more about the magic of ginger. Unlike beer, I did not feel bloated and nor was I reduced to the slurring, sweaty mess I would have been had I been consuming spirits. There is a real ginger bite that delights the taste buds with a subtle sweetness. But boozer beware – this stuff is dangerous! Stone’s Premium Alcoholic Ginger Beer is thirst quenching on a hot day in ways beer nor cider could ever be, which makes it extremely easy to drink and yet as potent as the average brew (it has an alcoholic volume of about 5 percent). So if you’re planning on driving, go easy.

But here’s the clincher for me: the next day I was devoid of any headaches, there was no urge to throw up,  and I had more than enough energy to make it down the stairs and out the door to a sensational Sunday breakfast. It’s true – ginger is really good for you!


 (out of 5)


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