How romantic

Valentine's Day MoviesFor many, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than dinner and a movie, and if that’s all it is for you then save your money – cook dinner at home (see my post on V-Day feasts) and show the film industry a little love by renting your flick.

But with the plethora of ‘loved-up’ stories available it can be hard to decide what is worth embracing and what should be avoided like a dozen oysters left out in the sun. Here are five links (in no particular order) that will help you decipher the cream from the crap:

  1. Celebrating five decades of romance
  2. The five highest-earning Valentine’s Day releases
  3. IMDb’s Top 5 romantic movies (that are ‘okay’ for guys too)
  4. The five best Valentine’s Day movies for singles
  5. The Top 5 unconventional Valentine’s Day movies

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