Get cosy this winter

It might surprise many to know that I love winter. It could have something to do with growing up in places of Australia that have almost no winter-like temperatures, but there is something novel for me in layering clothes, snuggling under blankets and cooking all sorts of warm delights to get me through the cooler months.

But I also understand that for some, these months can take their toll on the body and sometimes the spirits, so here are five foods that will help you enjoy the dropping temperatures.

  1. Warm drinks: I find during the winter months I drink a lot more tea. The four varieties (black, green, oolong and white) of tea have a number of health benefits including being good for the heart, preventing potential carcinogens from forming in the body, keeping the skin and hair healthy, and promoting blood flow to the brain
  2. Garlic: Without question garlic would be the most common ‘home remedy’ to fight cold and flu. What makes garlic so good for you is ‘allicin’, a key ingredient in anti-bacterial activity
  3. Oily fish: The sun provides us with up to 90 percent of our vitamin D intake, but in winter the days are shorter and our vit D levels take a dive as a result. Boost your vitamin D intake, and avoid the tired, dull complexion your skin might get in winter, by eating more oily fish like salmon and mackerel
  4. Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables: Think carrots, lemons, oranges, sweet potato, and pumpkin which will give your body vitamins A, C and E. Add an orange to your cereal, make jam out of kumquats, replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes and roast, bake or mash them
  5. Eggs: Believe it or not these little babies are natural mood lifters thanks largely to the omega-3 fatty acids they have. If you suffer severe ‘winter blues’, maybe adding a few more eggs to your diet during the winter months can help get you out of the funk. Eggs can also give your brain a kick, with the phospholipids allowing nutrients to make their way there more effectively

It’s not just about flannelette pyjamas, fuzzy slippers and lathering up in moisturiser, it’s also important to feed your body the right way during winter.


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