On the shelf: Cook books for January 2015

With the resolutions to start the year healthier in the kitchen, January brings a selection of new cook books to the shelf to delight the taste buds. Here are four of the month’s best

The Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing Matthew Evans

Go fishing, gourmet style

If you haven’t seen television’s Gourmet Farmer then you’re missing out on all its host Matthew Evans has to offer. The food writer swapped his city suit and tie for gumboots and the farm life in southern Tasmania, and is an avid supporter of sustainable seafood. He recently released the Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing, in which Evans and his mates – Nick Haddow and Ross O’Meara – attempt to teach us how seafood should be cooked. Not much is off limits as Evans aims to open our eyes to cooking almost everything in the sea, from sea urchin to abalone, octopus and snapper.

The Greengrocer's Diet Judy DavieIt’s a way of life

The Food Coach, Judy Davie believes the best way to approach weight loss and better health is relatively simple, and is based on readily available ingredients and the value of fresh produce. Davie’s book The Greengrocer’s Diet is a complete seasonal-based eating program promoting long-term weight loss and good health. The focus of this book is on what’s available in each season and Davie sources her ingredients from all of the major food groups. Its simplicity will have you saying “Ohh…”

Eating Well AWWEat well

Is there anything the folks at the Australian Women’s Weekly can’t do? Wit a plethora of cooking companions already about the home, the latest addition to the family is Eating Well. Forget fad diets and celebrity slimming, if you eat well you’ll not only have good health, but there will be a feeling of wellbeing too. With the range of dietary trends around these days this book does a fantastic job of catering to as many of them as possible, so you can choose your recipe based on suitability for paleo, allergy-free, vegan, vegetarian and even diabetic.

The Newlywed Cookbook Roxanne Wyss Kathy MooreIt takes two

In this modern day it’s not unusual for couples to share the household duties, and that includes serving up a delicious meal. Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore have gifted us The Newlywed Cookbook: Cooking Happily Ever After, a collection of ‘no fail’ recipes for easy and delicious meals. The two experienced family cooks have a delectable selection of bold flavours, comfort foods and budget friendly options. With kitchen appliances some of the most common items on bridal registries these days, it would be a match made in cooking heaven to have this book on the shelf.


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